Savage Tide

Lavinia's quest
The story begins...

Lavinia Vanderboren has asked us to help her recover her father’s signet ring, hidden somewhere aboard his ship, the Blue Nixie, so that she can access her family’s coffers in the basement of Castle Teraknian. Unfortunately, the ship has been impounded by the harbormaster for failure to pay docking fees (500g). She told us that she paid Soller Vark (the harbormaster’s deputy assigned to the Blue Nixie) the 500g, but he refused to release the ship and denies receiving payment. (Silly girl, next time, get a receipt!) Additionally, she’d like us to try to get back the 500g she paid. She offered us 100g each.

Word on the street Vark is a thug; he’s got a scar he claims to have received fighting pirates, but everyone knows he really got it in a bar fight.

We spoke to the former captain, Alexander Yorgi, at the Bloodthirsty Pelican, where he’s been staying since the ship was seized. Varrik Vanderboren frequently traveled; Captain Yorgi wasn’t sure where he might have hidden his ring, but thought that it might be in the master’s cabin.

The ship is moored about 100 ft from the end of the pier. Almandris’ familiar scouted the ship from the air, and saw at least 3 people on deck. Tristan and I went to the harbormaster’s office, to enquire about the ship and discover where we could find Vark. We hinted that we might know someone interested in buying the Blue Nixie, and enquired what would become of it if the owner didn’t redeem it from impound. We were told that in that case, the ship would eventually be auctioned to cover the harbormaster’s expenses. Vark wasn’t in the office, the clerk we spoke to thought he was on the ship.

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